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The New Era Of Education

A standard of education that surpasses and escapes the confines of the traditional classroom. A place that bridges the gap between the present and the future.

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Our application process is designed with two goals in mind: for you to get to know us, and for us to get to know you and, more importantly, your child.

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Want your child to be the next best app designer?

Timothy House School and iStore Education bring you the App Design Holiday camp.
The App Design process is a crucial step when designing and developing apps. Top app developers use this process to ensure their apps are user friendly. During this 3 day camp your child will learn how to plan, build and test their very own App Prototype. This process gives them the opportunity to bring their ideas to life, transforming their creative vision into a reality

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Online School

At Timothy House, we create a future-focused learning environment based on knowing “who I am” rather than cramming in content and knowledge. We give our students the independence they crave, while ensuring they are safe and expertly guided, as they progress at their own pace − no matter the stage of life they find themselves.

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An additional offering of Timothy House is the HousePass. This is a service provided to homeschoolers who want to connect with other young people during school hours. They are able to sign up to join the school any day of the week for a pro-rated fee, without the obligation of committing to the school for a full year.

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Our tuition is designed to consolidate all the work learners have covered during the month for their particular subjects. We take the concepts covered and put them into practice, making sure all work is understood and can be applied correctly. We offer individual tuition packages, as well as the option to join in on workshops.

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Our students graduate with the following attributes:

We create a future-focused learning environment based on knowing “who I am” rather than cramming in content and knowledge.

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Coding Holiday Program

We as Timothy House are really excited to offer, in partnership with Apple iStore Education, a CODING HOLIDAY PROGRAM.

An App design holiday program that promises to bring ideas to life.

Spaces are limited due to Covid, so book your child’s spot ASAP.