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Who We Are

We need to completely reimagine education

If the current climate has taught us anything, it is that change is constant, and what works well today may become obsolete tomorrow. In the same way, technological advancements of the Fourth Industrial Revolution have made the traditional approach to education irrelevant. As the world continues to change, it is crucial for the learning environment students find themselves in to change along with it.

Like so many educators, parents, and leaders, we have seen how the current education system is failing our youth. As a system that was developed for a completely different time, it has failed to adapt to the environment students find themselves in right now. Timothy House’s heart and passion is to prove that we can do better.

Timothy House is a private school where educators, parents, staff, and students work together with mutual trust and towards common objectives. It is our response to a failing approach to education, offering a sanctuary for students to learn effectively, adapt quickly, and grow into the next generation of thought-leaders and entrepreneurial innovators.

We are a team of individuals who believe that there is so much more to your child than what traditional schools bring out of them. Our goal is to provide a space where students have the freedom to explore all aspects of their potential and where we nurture a culture of collaboration, new ideas, and independent thinking.

“I never teach my pupils; I only provide the conditions in which they can learn.”

Albert Einstein

Meet the team

Marlon Bird

Marlon Bird


"The Head Boy"

All head boys seem to be involved in so many school activities that we wonder when they get a chance to sleep. Leading the way at Timothy House, while simultaneously running his own tutoring academy and mentoring teenagers as a youth pastor, we often wonder the same about Marlon.

But, like all great leaders, Marlon thrives when serving people. His passion for education and seeing young people grow into their full potential is how Timothy House was born and how it will continue to grow.
Candice Nicholls

Candice Nicholls

Head of Academics and Development

"The A+ Student"

Candice always gets top results in her learning styles, student engagement, and blended learning subjects. She is Timothy House’s top achiever in student-centered learning. Her after-school extra-curriculars include participating in education conferences, researching new models for education, and spending time developing learning environments for all children — including her own — to thrive.
Didi Marques

Didi Marques

Head of HR and Compliance

"The Student Council Rep"

Didi makes sure the Timothy House team is happy, healthy, and always following the rules so that we never get sent to the principal’s office. With almost two decades of experience in labour relations, occupational health and safety, and employment equity, he makes sure that everyone at Timothy House is operating at 100%.
Callan Riddles

Callan Riddles

Head of Marketing and Communications

"The Bookworm"

With a journalism honours degree in her back pocket and experience in communication and digital marketing, Callan is obsessed with stories. Finding them. Experiencing them. Sharing them. And the story of Timothy House is no different.

Like the heroines in adventure novels, she will stop at nothing to make sure that everyone knows just how great Timothy House is, even if she has to defeat villains along the way to do so.