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Application Process

Our application process is designed with two goals in mind: for you to get to know us, and for us to get to know you and, more importantly, your child. Furthermore, it is the first step in beginning to build a relationship with you and your child that we hope to cultivate for as long as you’re a part of the Timothy House family. Here is an overview of the steps you will need to take and what you can expect:

1. Complete the application form

Our application form can be completed and submitted online. You’ll find the Apply Now button below to begin the process. 

Be sure to have the following required documents ready too, to submit with the application:

  • Copies of the Student’s most current and previous year reports.
  • Copies of reports from all Occupational Therapists and/or Physiotherapists and/or Speech Therapists and/or Psychologists who have assessed the Student (if applicable).
  • A certified copy of the Student’s birth certificate, passport or identification document.
  • Proof of permanent residency if the Student is not a South African citizen.
  • A certified copy of each legal guardian’s identity document and party/ies responsible for making payment of fees, if different. (In the event of only one parent signing the conditions, please provide the school with an acceptable reason for doing so)
  • Proof of 3 months bank statement.
  • Proof of address.

Please ensure that these forms are filled in completely and that all required documentation is sent. Incomplete applications unfortunately will not be processed and will delay the application.

2. Pay the application fee

As soon as your application form and supporting documents are submitted, an application fee of R400 is due. You will receive an email containing our banking details which you can use to make the payment. 

While paying the application fee does not guarantee acceptance into Timothy House, we aim to offer exceptional value and service at every step of the application process. This fee will cover the administrative costs of the learning and development assessments in the next step of the process and will afford you and your child an in-depth feedback session (based on the results of the assessments) with our Head of Academics and Development.

3. Complete the assessments

Once we have received your application fee, the learning and development assessments will need to be completed by your child. You will receive an email containing detailed instructions on how they can be done online, along with all the relevant links and login details.

These assessments are not designed as traditional school examinations and will not be a test of your child’s knowledge. Instead, it will help us to get a clearer picture of how your child learns, processes information, solves problems, and interacts with people and their environment.

4. Attend the feedback session

Once we have received your child’s completed online assessments and analysed the results, you will receive an invitation to an in-person feedback session with our Head of Academics and Development.

In this session, we hope to give you valuable insight into the results of your child’s assessment and provide a space for you to discover whether Timothy House is a good fit for your child.

5. Receive the outcome of the application

After the feedback session, you will receive an email with the final outcome of the application. If your child is accepted into the school, you will receive all the registration and enrollment details necessary to get your child all ready and set for their first day at Timothy House — and we can’t wait to see them there!