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Our Teaching Philosophy

We have taken inspiration from leading theories and approaches in education to construct a cutting-edge philosophy for teaching and developing our students.

We believe that students learn best by accumulating knowledge through collaboration and problem solving, rather than sitting through hour-long lectures trying to mindlessly absorb content. For this reason, our educators use a blended approach to teaching and include multi-modal techniques for presenting the curriculum. Our educators limit static lecture time so that more time is spent on independent problem solving and student engagement.

Our curriculum design leans towards the following theories and frameworks:

Each educator uniquely tailors their lesson plan to meet the learning outcomes using these theories and frameworks.

Our focus is on each student as a whole and not just the development of their academic strengths.  We have therefore prepared our Timothy House hubs with this in mind. We offer safe spaces where students will not only be developed academically, but will graduate with the following attributes:

Our culture is one of mutual honour, respect, and integrity. We strive to work collaboratively, innovatively, and creatively to equip, empower, and lead the next generation of solutionaries.

More than ever, we need innovative, out-of-the-box thinkers who ask the right questions and develop appropriate interventions. We believe that by championing our teaching philosophy, Timothy House will produce the next generation of exceptional entrepreneurs and innovators.