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The New Era of Tuition

The purpose of our tuition is to help students become independent learners. We provide individual or group tuition to students across a broad range of subjects to do just that.

We understand the anxiety felt in seeing your child battle at school, therefore we aim to aid them in building their confidence and understanding, even though they might not be enrolled at Timothy House.

Tuition is a supplement to teaching, not a replacement for class attendance and participation. We provide high-quality education through our tuition, resources, and workshops within a stimulating community.

Our tutors aim to clarify and review concepts taught in class, explain processes, and help students solve specific problems. They identify the gaps in knowledge, while simultaneously facilitating learning through practice, revision of theory, and interactive discussion of the subject matter using industry-leading technology. The purpose is to consolidate all the work which they have learned and put it into practice, making sure all work is understood and can be applied.

Studies indicate that additional tuition can help boost a student’s grade by one or two levels at a minimum. We, therefore, take a holistic approach that aims to inspire the culture of learning, helping students to improve their skills in a nurturing environment.

What we offer

Individual tuition for students from other schools at our Hub
Workshops for bigger groups

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If you require a custom package, please contact us.